Proudly Endorsed by these Community Leaders & Organizations:

Delegate Anne Kaiser (Vice-Chair of the House Democratic Caucus) 
Montgomery Councilman Marc Elrich
Montgomery Councilwoman Nancy Navarro
Senator Roger Manno
Delegate Bonnie Cullison
Delegate Eric Luedtke  
Delegate Tom Hucker
Delegate Joseline Peña-Mylnek
NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland 
National Organization for Women (Montgomery County Chapter)
Coalition of Asian Pacific American Democrats (CAPAD-MD) 
African American Democratic Club of Montgomery County
Progressive Maryland 
Equality Maryland 
CASA In Action 
Progressive Neighbors 
Montgomery County Professional Fire Fighters (IAFF 1664, AFL-CIO) 
Montgomery County Government Employees Organization (UFCW MCGEO Local 1994)
Fraternal Order of Police (Lodge 35)
SEIU MD/DC State Council
SEIU Local 500
SEIU Local 32BJ
DC Building and Construction Trades Council (AFL-CIO)
Baltimore Building and Construction Trades Council (AFL-CIO) 
United Food and Commercial Workers Local 400 
American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, AFL-CIO 
United Food and Commercial Workers Local 27
Amalgamated Transit Union 689 (AFL-CIO) 
United Transportation Union (AFL-CIO)
Asbestos Workers Local 24 (AFL-CIO) 
Boilermakers Local 193 (AFL-CIO) 
Bricklayers Local 1 of MD, VA & DC (AFL-CIO) 
Plasterers’ & Cement Masons Local 43 (AFL-CIO) 
IBEW Local 24 (AFL-CIO)
Operative Plasterers & Cement Masons Local 891 (AFL-CIO) 
Plumbers & Steamfitters Local 486 (AFL-CIO) 
Road Sprinkler Fitters Local 669 (AFL-CIO) 
Sheet Metal Workers Local 100 (AFL-CIO) 
Sprinkler Fitters Local 536 (AFL-CIO) 
Teamsters Local 311 (AFL-CIO) 
Elevator Constructors Local 7 (AFL-CIO) 
Iron Workers Local 16 (AFL-CIO) 
Operating Engineers Local 37 (AFL-CIO) 
IBEW Electrical Workers Local 26 (AFL-CIO) 
Elevator Constructors Local 10 (AFL-CIO) 
Iron Workers Local 5 (AFL-CIO) 
Operating Engineers Local 77 (AFL-CIO) 
Painters District Council Local 51 (AFL-CIO) 
Plumbers Local 5 (AFL-CIO) 
Reinforced Rodmen Local 201 (AFL-CIO) 
Roofers & Waterproofers Local 30 (AFL-CIO) 
Sheet Metal Workers Local 100 (AFL-CIO) 
Sprinkler Fitters Local 669 (AFL-CIO)
Steamfitters Local 602 (AFL-CIO)

Manno.jpgState Senator Roger Manno (D19)

"In my Senate office, Maricé worked tirelessly to improve our community and give seniors, students and hardworking families a voice in Annapolis. I know she will do the same as our Delegate."



Delegate Bonnie Cullison (D19)

"As former president of the Montgomery County Education Association, I support Maricé. She understands the issues that our students, educators and parents face and will work diligently in Annapolis to address them."


Delegate Anne Kaiser


 "Maricé has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to the people and core democratic values that define District 19. From women's rights, to empowerment for seniors, workers, the disabled and minorities, I am certain that Maricé is the leader who we need to join Bonnie Cullison and Ben Kramer in the House of Delegates - and I ask for your support of their candidacies."



Delegate Eric Luedtke



"As a lifelong educator, I know that Maricé will make our children and our schools a priority in Annapolis. While we work to keep our schools the best in the country, and strive to make them even better by closing the achievement gap, we need knowledgeable and dedicated public servants like Maricé Morales to help lead the way."




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